About us

Our story 

Mallika Arora label is all about affordable luxury . It is a brand with a soul
that unravels the true fashionista in you. We believe in the concept of
Make in India . Our garments are crafted with passion by a team of
highly skilled artisans an designers . We put forward the philosophy of
infusing the best quality western design aesthetics with our cultural body
types. We don’t believe in fast fashion but empowering fashion, all our
pieces are custom made and we happily do all the customisation
required to make your garment look perfect. 
It is a feminine label whose core values are affordable, elegance and
comfort .

About our founder and designer 

Mallika Arora label truly began a couple of years ago when the founder
mallika arora began designing clothes at her college Pearl Academy.
She creates designs that are not only beautiful to the eyes but also are
very comfortable and affordable for everyday wear. 

‘Life is too boring to wear simple clothes’
- Mallika Arora